Report: Trump thinking about launching 2024 campaign during Biden’s inauguration

President Donald Trump could announce his 2024 plans as soon as Inauguration Day, if his legal battle over the presidential election falls short, according to a published report.

Taking the spotlight away from presumptive potential President-elect Joe Biden is among the idea bandied about in a report by the Daily Beast based on a variety of unnamed sources.

The Trump campaign has insisted that there has been voter fraud in states that include Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as Pennsylvania.

Despite multiple anecdotal claims of voting irregularities, proof has yet to surface that there was a widespread effort to distort the voting process in such as way that would have impacted the final results of the presidential election.

As the Trump campaign has lost lawsuit after lawsuit to overturn the results in states won by Biden, increasing attention has been paid in the media to the potential for a Trump candidacy in 2024.

The Daily Beast report frames Trump’s deliberations about 2024 in terms of when he will announce he is running more than whether he will run.

The report said the president has “floated the idea of doing a 2024-related event during Biden’s inauguration week, possibly on Inauguration Day.”

The report also said the Trump believes he can retain a major media presence even if he leaves office because the media finds Biden “boring.”

The Daily Beast report comes amid multiple reports that 2024 is looming large in Trump’s mind.

A report by Bloomberg said that during a meeting earlier this month attended by Trump, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence, the president said he would run in 2024.

“If you do that — and I think I speak for everybody in the room — we’re with you 100 percent,” Bloomberg quotes O’Brien as saying, citing unnamed sources.

Bryan Lanza, communications director for President Donald Trump’s transition team after Trump’s 2016 triumph, has said Trump is in a good position to “run again four years from now.”

“There’s nobody in the Republican party that can challenge President Trump in the primaries,” Lanza said, according to The Independent.

Given Trump’s ability to get votes and the unprecedented loyalty his supporters have shown, “the Republicans would step aside to let it happen,” Lanza said if Trump should lose this year and run in 2024.

Last month, former White House aide Steve Bannon said that Trump will not walk away just because he loses a round.

“You’re not going to see the end of Donald Trump,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’ll make this prediction right now: if for any reason the election is stolen from or in some sort of way Joe Biden is declared the winner, Trump will announce he’s going to run for re-election in 2024,” Bannon said last month.

Amid varying reports about timing and tactics, one Trump ally offered his perspective.

Trump will “try to remain a political and media force,” said Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, according to The Washington Post.

“He has all these existing businesses. He’ll have new relationships.”

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