Poll shows swing voters recoiling from Democrats’ socialism

Swing voters across the United States are moving away from the Democrats and their agenda for racial profiling, voting by mail and monetary handouts and they are more concerned about vote fraud than they are by the Democrats’ talking point of “voter suppression,” according to a new poll.

The results are from polling by Newt Gingrich, who created the Contract with America from two decades ago that upset Washington’s status quo then.

He’s been working on polling of swing voters and he’s found that “Democrats’ big government, race-focused and America-disparaging agenda could bust the fragile coalition that put Joe Biden in power last November,” according to a report from Just the News, which obtained early access to the results.

The results suggest “Americans overwhelmingly think the United States is the greatest county in history, prefer free-market capitalism to big government socialism, reject the premise of critical race theory that skin color is a predeterminant to success, and oppose defunding the police.”

Explained Just the News, “In other words, Democrats have overreached with an agenda that this week alone will put $4.5 trillion in government expansion on the table in Congress with a series of critical Biden agenda votes.”

It was on a podcast with John Solomon of Just the News that Gingrich explained, “With Biden’s election, the left went crazy. They totally misunderstood what had happened [in 2020], and they decided this was their moment to go out and be who they really are, which for most Americans is pretty horrifying, frankly. And the result was they took a series of steps that I think are unsustainable.”

The polling, done in conjunction with pollster John McLaughlin, is being used to prepare Republicans for the 2022 midterms.

The poll was of 1,500 likely general election swing voters and has an accuracy of plus or minus 2.5%.

It shows the respondents by large margins, 55%-45%, believe America is going the wrong direction under Biden. They go by significant margins for Republicans in a “generic” ballot for Congress. Overwhelmingly they say American is the “greatest country on earth.” They oppose the current political requirement to be “woke.” “Big government socialism” is a smudge on the chart next to “free market capitalism,” which, in fact, “leads to a better future.” By 64%-35% they would choose that over “big government socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”

Overwhelming, they believe “we should teach young people to treat people the same no matter their skin color,” over the “woke” lessons to “consider people’s racial experience.”

Social media also took a major body blow, with 69%-31% agreement with the statement that it “is making America an angrier, more divided nation, and is harming our mental health.”

The swing voters want more funding for police, because disrespect for the law is making people less safe. They don’t believe racism is “systemic.” Schools need a “major” overhaul and the border problem is worse now “than in recent years.”

And they say “reckless” government spending is making inflation worse.

By a huge margin, they oppose having male athletes who say they are female compete alongside biological females in sports.

Gingrich told Solomon, “You need all six words. If it’s capitalism versus socialism, capitalism wins, but not by a decisive margin. But if it’s free market capitalism versus big government socialism, it’s a 59% to 16% issue. And that changes everything.”

Just the News posted the results online.

Gingrich explained the poll results need to be “driven home until it becomes the brand of the New Democratic Party, which is a Bernie Sanders, big government socialist party.”

According to the report, many Democrats continue to insist their ideology is promoted by many, especially young people.

“The Atlantic magazine, a bellwether of the new left, declared this past weekend the progressive movement has already won by shifting the mainstream of the Democratic Party,” the report said.

In the Atlantic, Russell Berman claimed, “In the battle for ideological supremacy in the Democratic Party, the progressives have already won. Biden was indeed a proud moderate during his three and a half decades as a senator, but he has fallen in firmly with the progressives as president. He’s embraced the agenda championed by the likes of his former rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.”

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