Outraged Parents Pulling Kids from School as ‘Crazy’ Restorative Justice Policy Leads to Escalating Violence

A New York City middle school is out of control as violence rages in the halls and educators respond with woke policies that resolve nothing, according to multiple parents.

“Children are being pepper-sprayed, children are literally being beaten over the head and being videotaped at the same time, and the Department of Education does not have an answer for this,” parent Michael Duncan said, according to Fox News.

Olivia Ramos said she pulled her son from 75 Morton this year after several violent incidents.

“Nothing was done,” she said, according to the New York Post. “They just said they would take care of it, but nothing was done. There are no consequences.”

During an appearance Monday on “Fox & Friends First,” Ramos said her son was bullied repeatedly.

“He was punched one day. Another day he was stomped on one of his feet,” she said, according to Fox News, adding “One of the girls in the school tried to violently kick him in the groin. So I had had enough.”

“It was very disturbing. It was really violent,” she added.

She said that multiple efforts to get the school to respond failed.

Parent Mona Davids said the school’s response has made matters worse.

“There are no suspensions because of this crazy philosophy that the Department of Education is pushing called restorative justice,” she said.

Restorative justice focuses on having offenders make things good with their victims on their own and employs mediation as a way to resolve conflicts. Davids defined it differently.

“Restorative justice enables the assailant and does not protect the victim, so expecting students to sit down with someone and listen to why that other student feels the need to attack them and assault them is unacceptable,” Davids said.

The Post noted that a Snapchat group named “75 Morton Fights” was formed to post student fight footage.

Principal Valerie Leak does not want that to continue.

“Any student discovered sharing the video, even if they did not take it or originally post it, will be suspended,” she said in an email to parents the Post said it obtained.

The city Department of Education said it will beef up security and counseling at the school.

Via            The Western Journal.