Not ‘The Onion’! Nancy Pelosi Claims Border Situation Has Improved Under Biden

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told reporters Wednesday that the situation at the border has improved since Joe Biden took office and that it is now on a “good path”.

Pelosi’s statement is nuts, by anyone’s standards.

Even the White House has admitted there is a humanitarian crisis on the border. What is good about that?

There are now over 17,000 unaccompanied migrant children in facilities that are only equipped to hold a few hundred.

The conditions are squalid, with illegals packed in together sleeping on concrete floors.

Many are suffering from diseases, including Covid.

Is that good?

The Cartels are engaged in people trafficking, and footage has emerged of babies being thrown over the border fences.

Women and children are being sexually abused as they attempt to cross the border, both by the traffickers and by other migrants.

But thank goodness Trump is out and Biden is in.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) has warned “The president and the vice president of the United States and the Democratic Party are so concerned about placating the left for open borders, children are allegedly being sexually assaulted on American soil because of their total neglect of protecting our border, protecting this country, and protecting these kids, whether they’re dropped over the fence, whether they’re sexually assaulted, whether they’re sent into the country into sex trafficking. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have this on their hands.

Reuters reports that U.S. border authorities apprehended over 171,000 migrants in March, including 19,000 unaccompanied minors, 53,000 family units, and 99,000 single adults.

[ZH: At time of publication this “good news” headline hit: *MIGRANT APPREHENSIONS AT SOUTHWEST BORDER UP 71% FROM FEBRUARY]

Doesn’t sound like much of a “good path”.

Via Summit News