Kamala Harris blames border crisis on ‘climate change’

Chosen by President Biden to oversee immigration policy, Vice President Kamala Harris has been assessing the situation at the border.

The “root cause” of the migrant surge, which even some Democrats have admitted is a “crisis,” is not the administration’s policies, she contends. It’s “climate change.”

Harris hasn’t been to the border since becoming vice president, but she is planning a trip to Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries, where she says there’s a “need for resilience around extreme climate” due to “severe climate experiences.”

She made the remarks Wednesday at the White House’s “virtual roundtable of experts on the Northern Triangle.”

The New York Post editorial board was skeptical of her assessment, noting she made no mention of “the corrupt governments that prevent economic progress — and are sure to pocket the bulk of any foreign aid meant to develop those economies or make their farms more ‘resilient.'”

“Nor did she touch on the gangs that terrorize the common people there, giving them more urgent reason to flee,” the Post said.

Apparently, the board said, the Biden administration’s strategy “isn’t to back more competent leadership and tie aid to real-world results.”

“It will be to pour even more cash into the Green New Deal and throw another billion at bad governments.”

Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Thursday called Harris’ assessment an “argument of last resort – when you want to hide the truth, drone on about climate.”

Varney said a bad hurricane may have harmed the Central American nations, but the root causes are crime, insecure property rights and corruption.

“And it’s the invitation issued by the Democrats that’s bringing all of those migrants to our southern border,” he said.

See Varney’s segment:

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