GOP warns Biden his immigration plan will create catastrophe

President Joe Biden’s policies are leading to a health crisis at the southern border, House Republicans warned Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

“The Biden administration’s policies limiting immigration enforcement and weakening border security, coupled with its proposal to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, are signaling to the world that our immigration laws can be violated with little, if any, consequence,” the members of the House Oversight Committee said Friday.

“We are particularly concerned that the Biden administration’s actions could soon lead to a health crisis at the border and surrounding communities, causing widespread COVID-19 infections and fatalities,” they said.

The 19 Republicans, led by Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., want to see an outline of Biden’s “plan” to prevent a catastrophe.

Only 24 hours earlier, House Democrats brought up a bill, supported by Biden, to give millions of illegal aliens U.S. citizenship under certain conditions.

Biden wants to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers, meaning that some 71,000 migrants will be allowed into the United States, where they likely will disappear into the population while their requests are processed.

Biden previously stopped construction on a border wall.

The Trump administration focused on enforcement and reducing the attractiveness entering illegally with programs such as “Remain in Mexico.”

Republicans are alarmed that not only is Biden dismantling the nation’s defenses but also is creating incentives that attract illegal immigration.

Stephen Miller, who worked in the Trump administration on border policy, said the Democratic proposal is the opposite of what the nation needs.

“If you were trying to write a bill to eliminate the concept of having a nation, this is the bill you would write,” he said. reported former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf described the Democrats’ plan as “fundamentally flawed.”

Biden also has moved to end the Migrant Protection Protocols, President Trump’s zero-tolerance program, tried to halt all deportations for months and reinstated the “catch-and-release” practice.

The GOP lawmakers added: “In addition to his reckless policies and executive actions, President Biden’s rhetoric relating to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and gutting interior enforcement priorities is leading to a perfect storm on the southwest border. Without a radically different approach, a health, security, and humanitarian crisis is inevitable.

“The increase in illegal immigration at the southern border presents a risk not only to Border Patrol agents apprehending migrants who illegally cross the border, but also to those communities into which those individuals will relocate — likely leading to widespread COVID-19 infection and fatalities.”

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