Eric Trump Gives Inside Look at What the FBI Outrageously Did During KGB-Style Raid: It’s Worse Than You Think

Eric Trump is revealing shocking details about what really happened during the FBI’s unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The federal agency demanded that staff turn off all security cameras on the property and forced a lawyer to stand outside on the driveway while they ransacked the resort’s interior.

Eric Trump was present at the building when 30 FBI agents arrived at the Palm Beach property. He shared the new details of the raid in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“There’s 30 agents there,” Trump explained. “They told our lawyer … you have to leave the property right now. Turn off all security cameras.”

The FBI declined to give a physical copy of the search warrant to a Trump family member or employee.

The agency showed a copy of the document to Donald Trump’s lawyer Christina Bobb from “10 feet away,” according to Trump’s oldest son.

Bobb criticized the operation in her own Tuesday interview.

“This was a completely unnecessary power flex. It was a weird flex,” the Trump lawyer said.

“It’s quite honestly sad to see what they have done to our country.”

The agents demanded that the lawyer leave the property as they searched for documents. They also demanded that Mar-a-Lago staff turn off security cameras during the operation.

Trump staff declined to turn off the security cameras.

Eric Trump says that their decision not to comply with FBI demands ultimately resulted in the Trump Organization obtaining camera footage of federal agents entering areas of the property where they “shouldn’t have been.”

The FBI reportedly entered the master bedroom in the 128-room estate, searching through Melania Trump’s clothes.

The agents cracked Trump’s safe, which was empty, according to Eric Trump.

Donald Trump suggested that the FBI agents could’ve been “planting” manufactured evidence on the property in a Wednesday Truth Social post.

The agency’s conduct in the unprecedented raid has brought comparisons to the KGB, the intelligence agency of the Soviet Union known for human rights abuses and dictatorial corruption.

Eric Trump previously indicated that the raid was spurred by a document dispute between the National Archives and the former president.

Via            The Western Journal.


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