Dirtbag Mitch McConnell Threatens to Defy Trump and Pick His Own Candidate to to Run Against Herschel Walker in GA Senate Race

Seriously, who are these people?

Who are these people who continually ignore and abuse Trump supporters?
Are they really Republicans?  Or did the Democrats take over the GOP apparatus?
They think they are leading when no one is following.

Mitch McConnell threatened to defy Trump and pick his own candidate to run against Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate primary race in 2022 against Marxist Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Shouldn’t he be more focused on challenging the Democrats’ latest trillion-dollar infrastructure garbage dump?

The Daily Mail reported:

Mitch McConnell is reportedly deeply concerned about a Georgia Senate bid from football star and longtime Trump pal Herschel Walker, fearing Walker’s potential campaign would fizzle and hand the seat over to Democrats for six years.

The Senate minority leader has stepped in to help Republicans find a suitable candidate for the 2022 election, when Senator Raphael Warnock will have to fend off challengers in what’s expected to be a heated race for his first full six-year term.

Warnock took office in 2021 after narrowly beating Republican Kelly Loeffler in a special election runoff.

McConnell is said to be considering Loeffler along with David Perdue, per CNN. The former Georgia Republican senator lost his seat to Democrat Jon Ossoff – who won’t have to defend himself until 2026 if he chooses to run again.

Herschel Walker is a conservative favorite and leads Marxist Senator Raphael Warnock in the 2022 race and hasn’t even announced his candidacy yet.

Via The Gateway Pundit