Dems Concerned About Latino Voter Outreach

Some Democratic operatives are concerned about what they say is the party’s lack of outreach to Latino voters that could prove decisive in key states, ABC News reported on Sunday.

Michael Trujillo, a veteran Democratic operative, criticized his party’s decision to knock on doors only in October due to the coronavirus pandemic, saying “I think the data and the evidence was there that they needed more engagement at the door.”

Other activists have pointed out that Democrats pushed to vote by mail throughout the campaign, due to the pandemic, and only revised their message to voters in the past few days by urging them to instead vote in person or hand-deliver their ballots.

“A lot of folks are nervous that mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania are coming in under where they hope to be,” Trujillo said. “And there’s like a crossing your fingers sort of a fact that a lot of them just start at the post office and haven’t been processed yet, but they’re in the system.”

Another operative in Florida, Melba Pearson warnedthat compared with the Florida primary in mid-March, she’s seen a lot less effort getting voters mobilized.

But Jennifer Molina, Latino Media Director for the Biden campaign, painted a different picture, telling ABC that “we are aggressively ramping up our visibility and increasing voter contact across all of our battleground states to turn out Latino voters… [and are] confident our historic investments of tens of millions of dollars will mobilize the community.”

Steve Simeonidis stressed that the Miami-Dade Democratic Party of which he is chairman “is engaged in the most robust canvass and turnout operation we have ever done. This weekend alone, we have over 200 canvassers knocking on doors.”

Via Newsmax