Democrat Voters’ Number One “Concern” Is Trump Supporters, New Poll Finds

A poll conducted by Echelon has found that while Republican voters are concerned with issues such as illegal immigration, lack of police resources, and high taxes, Democrat voters’ top concerns are supporters of President Trump, racism, and discrimination against LGBTQ people.

While 81% of Republican voters cited immigration as the top issue, 82% of Democrats said that ‘Trump’s supporters’ is their top issue at the moment.

A further 79% and 77%, respectively cited ‘white nationalism’ and ‘systemic racism’ as the issues they are most concerned about.

Commentators immediately noted that the results highlight how the Democratic Party and the leftist media has brainwashed liberals into purely caring about identity politics over substantive issues.

It should be noted that Echelon says it created a list of “likely primary issues” for supporters of each party.

But still, when collating the full range of issues, ‘Trump’s supporters’ was a top concern for Democrats:

Also of note was the finding that those who identify as Trump supporters, rather then ‘party-first’ Republicans are more concerned about every issue:

Via Summit News