Biden ‘announces’ it’s ‘President Harris’

President Biden, providing an update Thursday about the fight against the coronavirus, announced there is a “President Harris.”

“When President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona not long ago, one of the nurses on that tour injecting people, giving vaccinations, said that each shot was like administering a dose of hope, a dose of hope,” he said. “That’s how she phrased it.”

The Red State blog called it an “absolute cringe” moment but noted that on at least three occasions last year, either Biden or Harris mistakenly referred to the then-senator as the next president.

Harris said: “A Harris administration – together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States. … The Biden-Harris administration will provide access to $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments from minority business owners.”

Biden, a short time later, said, “A Harris-Biden administration is going to relaunch that effort and keep pushing further to make it easier for military spouses and veterans to find meaningful careers.”

And in December, Biden called Harris “President-elect Harris.”

“Here we are nearly two months into the Biden-Harris administration, and as speculation swirls as to why Biden has so far avoided holding a formal press conference, President Biden slipped up yet again and referred to Harris as ‘President’, this time during a formal speech at the White House earlier today,” Red State said.

“All memes and jokes aside, Biden’s gaffe will only further fuel the chatter that started last year about how he was picking Harris to be his ‘president in waiting’ because he either had no plans to serve the full four years of his presidency or planned only on serving one term.”

Via Wnd