Watch: Things Go Hilariously Wrong When Kamala Harris Attempts to Show How to Charge an Electric Car

Leftist Democrats have made one thing very clear over the years — they want you to live your life a certain way and if you don’t agree, to them, you’re an idiot and a bigot.

Of course, the very same politicians who espouse these views don’t actually live their lives that way.

COVID-19 only highlighted the two-faced nature of Democratic politics, as many such Democrats were caught violating the very masking and social distancing rules they forced upon their constituents.

Well, Vice President Kamala Harris gave us yet another example of this hypocrisy this week when she attempted to charge an electric car.

On Monday, the Biden administration began implementing a national strategy to build up to 500,000 charging stations across the country for electric vehicles.

The plan is part of the $1 trillion infrastructure resolution that President Joe Biden signed into law last month, according to The Associated Press.

In total, the plan sets aside $5 billion for states to build the charging stations.

Apparently, the objective of this new initiative is to curb climate change.

Biden’s goal, according to the AP, is for the country to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emission by 2050, while creating thousands of jobs.

Visiting a maintenance facility just outside of Washington, Harris received a demonstration of how charging the cars worked.

When it came time for her to charge one herself, to put it bluntly, the vice president looked like a fool.

“There’s no sound or fume!” Harris exclaimed as she attempted to charge the car.

Harris held the charger into the car as if she was pumping gas. Obviously, she hasn’t gone in a green direction yet with her own choice of vehicle.

Of course there’s no fume. It’s electric. That’s kind of the whole idea.

“So … how do I know it’s actually working?” Harris asked the workers present.

It appears that, though the Biden administration is beginning this brand new initiative to try to push Americans to transition to electric cars in an effort to curb climate change, the actual members of said administration don’t actually know anything about electric cars.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Via      The Western Journal