Watch Live: Trump Promises Supporters He Will Never Concede

Getting a late start once again, President Trump kicked off his speech at the “Save America” rally in Washington DC by promising that he would “never concede”, while pleading with VP Mike Pence to “do the right thing.”

As hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters flood downtown Washington ready to march to Capitol Hill in the latest “Stop the Steal” rally, President Trump is expected to speak at 1100ET, where he will address his supporters and likely offer some commentary on the votes in Georgia.

Trump is slated to speak during the “Save America ” Rally on the Ellipse. The event is organized by “Women for America First”.

Organizers expect up to 1.5 million people to attend the rallies. Doors open for the event at the Ellipse, a 52-acre park south of the White House, four hours before Trump is scheduled to speak.

Amy Kremer, one of the organizers, said Tuesday that the event will be “the largest rally ever,” with up to 1.5MM people expected. Doors opened for the event 4 hours before Trump was set to speak.

Trump and his allies allege that the election results in key battleground states were unfairly certified in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and point to allegations and evidence of election and voter fraud and to support their claims that the results should be decertified. Some Republicans are pushing VP Mike Pence to throw out votes from states where voter fraud is believed to have taken place. The NYT reported that Pence told Trump he couldn’t legally do that, but the president said the story was more “fake news”.

Watch the “Save America Rally” live below:

Via Zero Hedge