Watch: Amy Klobuchar Flees as Radical Environmentalists Storm Speaking Event

There is nothing as sweet as watching a horrid political system begin to implode.

Democrats chose to play ball with the radicals in their party, hoping it would give them a political advantage.

Now, in the case of Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar of the state’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, that alliance is totally backfiring.

According to KVRR-TV, a group of environmentalist activists protesting against the Line 3 pipeline stormed a DFL fundraising event Klobuchar was speaking at on Thursday.

There are a number of issues environmentalist groups have with the Line 3 pipeline. On one such group’s website, Stop Line 3, many of those concerns are listed, including the possibility of oil spills, an infringement of indigenous rights and, perhaps most of all, a belief that new fossil fuel infrastructure will exacerbate climate change.

Now, all of these concerns are unnecessary. The federal government has a right to pass oil through federal lands, transporting oil via truck instead (which would happen if the pipeline was closed down) is arguably just as if not more dangerous when it comes to spills and climate change is not as existential of a threat as the economic devastation that follows overreliance on unsustainable “green” energies.

Interrupting Klobuchar mid-speech, the protesters — who the environmentalist group Resist Line 3 referred to as “water protectors” — chanted until the senator fleed the stage.

On Twitter, Resist Line 3 applauded the water protectors for storming the event.

“BREAKING: [Sen. Amy Klobuchar] was just confronted at a fundraising event by a group of water protectors who SHUT DOWN her speech,” the group wrote in a tweet.

“When faced with Indigenous youth questioning her inaction on Line 3, she rolled her eyes, tried to interrupt, and eventually fled the stage #StopLine3.”

In a follow-up tweet the next day, the group revealed how they had orchestrated the protest.

Apparently, the water protectors had entered through a service entrance.

“Amy Klobuchar tried to spend the evening mingling with millionaires at a fundraiser. Flooding in through a service entrance, Line 3 resistors shut it down,” the group wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately for Klobuchar, this is what happens when you decide to get in bed with a bunch of radicals.

Perhaps the most extreme of all the radicals currently controlling the Democratic Party are the climate change, environmentalist activists who consider climate change to be an immediate, existential threat to the entire world.

Why would they possibly think that? Maybe because the Democratic establishment has been exaggerating the threat of climate change in an effort to attract more votes.

Klobuchar was one of those fear-mongering Dems and now she’s finally faced with the monster she helped create.

Via      The Western Journal