Uvalde School District Police Chief Receives Death Threats

The police chief of the public school district of Uvalde, Texas, has been targeted on social media for an alleged lackluster response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School last week, the Washington Examiner reported Friday.

Anonymous online accounts aired their frustration at district police head Pete Arredondo by calling for shockingly graphic penalties like lynching, stoning, and outright execution.

“Peter Arredondo Chief of Police for UCIS is A Coward & Moron. And so are the 19 officers who waited in the hallway while kids were Murdered. We do not need A DOJ investigation. We need 19 Ropes and a tall limb on a tree To HANG ALL THE COWARD COPS. We need some dead pigs!!!” wrote Twitter user Dvstr888.

Another user, Integrity Sheriff, said that Arredondo “should be shot and left for dead for 1hr. 3 minutes.” The tweet is in reference to the length of time before the Uvalde police engaged the attacker, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

The FBI told the Examiner that it could neither confirm nor deny an ongoing investigation into the threats directed at Arredondo.

Those threats come amid the backlash from a statement by Texas Public Safety Director Steven McCraw on May 27 that Uvalde police made the “wrong decision” in failing to storm a classroom the shooter had entered, according to The Texas Tribune.

“From the benefit of hindsight, where I’m sitting now, of course, it was not the right decision,” McCraw said. “It was the wrong decision, period. There’s no excuse for that.”

“When it comes to an active shooter, you don’t have to wait on tactical gear, plain and simple,” he added.

Via          Newsmax