U.S. media’s ‘baseless’ claims about election integrity exposed

Establishment media, who have attacked President Trump since before his election with bogus claims such as Russia collusion, have insisted his charge of election fraud is “baseless.”

But there’s a reason more than 100 state legislators from the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia sent a last-minute letter Tuesday to Vice President Mike Pence asking for 10 days to investigate further because they don’t have confidence that Joe Biden won their state.

Just the News reported their letter “includes a massive index of evidence of irregularities, some of which have been validated by court rulings, official government documents or sworn affidavits.”

The news outlet said it worked with more than three dozen journalists across the country for eight weeks investigating claims of irregularities

Just the News worked with more than three dozen journalists across the country for eight weeks trying to investigate claims of irregularities.

Among the findings:

  • Wisconsin illegally permitted large numbers of residents to evade voter ID requirements.
  • Fulton County, Georgia, officials “prematurely moved data cards from 36 voting machines” before voting ended, meaning the “chain of custody” is no longer clear.
  • Career Detroit employee Jessy Jacob testified she and other election workers were told to “manipulate” and alter ballots and voter rolls, including falsely backdating ballot requests and actual ballots.
  • GOP election observers in many states were isolated, preventing them from providing bipartisan election oversight.
  • Wisconsin refused to follow state law and purge up to 200,000 outdated voter registrations.
  • Georgia officials admitted they have 250 open cases of alleged vote fraud.
  • State officials in at least three states let clerks fix invalid ballots and count them.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee said Wednesday that there will be a “cloud” over Joe Biden and his administration absent a full investigation of the election fraud.

“If they [Democrats] truly believe this election was absolutely done with integrity, then they ought to be the ones standing up and insisting that there be a full audit,” he said, according to Fox News.

“I think too many of our politicians take the easy way out. They don’t want to rock the boat. They don’t want to be controversial, but they were elected to make tough decisions and a tough decision would be to call for a full accounting and absolute transparency.”

Solomon explained there are two trains of thought: either the 2020 election was hijacked by fraud, or it was so clean that claims of fraud are “baseless.”

“But if we’ve learned one lesson in the era of incessant cable TV and social media, it’s that the truth can’t be hurried — and the sensationalized early headlines are often deceiving. Remember, Trump colluded with Russia … until he didn’t. And Jacob Blake was declared shot unarmed … when in fact he was armed with a knife. And let’s not forget that Hunter Biden’s business scandal was Russian disinformation … until he admitted he was under criminal investigation,” he wrote.

“We know laws were broken,” Wisconsin State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo told Just the News. “That’s indisputable. What we don’t know is whether the breaking of those laws affected the outcome of the election.”

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania introduced a resolution that calls the state’s certification of a Biden win “premature” and urges state officials to “vacate” the results.

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