Trump ‘Resolved’ in Election Challenge, Says Pa. Lawmaker Who Met With Him

Surrounded by Army cadets, President Donald Trump watches the first half of the 121st Army-Navy Football Game in Michie Stadium at the United States Military Academy, Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020, in West Point, N.Y. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Donald Trump was “resolved” and “determined” to expose voter fraud in the November election, said a Pennsylvania lawmaker who met with the president on Wednesday.

State Sen. Doug Mastriano was among several Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers who joined President Trump in the Oval Office to discuss election fraud in the Keystone State.

“The mood was determined. We need to find out what the heck happened here,” Mastriano told The Epoch Times.

Mastriano added he had “never seen anyone more resolved or determined” as President Trump, “because truth is on his side.”

The Pennsylvania lawmakers expressed various election concerns to the president, according to Mastriano. The situations mentioned included a period of time in the middle of the night when Democratic nominee Joe Biden received 570,000 votes and President Trump just 3,200 votes.

“Even in the bluest of blue areas of Pennsylvania that’s statistically impossible,” said Mastriano, who held a Nov. 25 public hearing in Gettysburg where witness testimony outlined allegations of voter fraud.

“And we talked about how if this is not only fixed in the future, but if it’s not fixed for what just happened here, at what point does the republic collapse?”

Mastriano added that President Trump was “laser focused on this republic.”

“It’s not about him, it’s about our nation and our republic,” Mastriano said. “If this is allowed to stand, what comes of us? Will we just be a republic in name only? Probably.”

Pennsylvania Republicans have been unable to convince Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf to call a special legislative session to address election issues.

The state legislature has been out since Nov. 30. Wolf has said there’s no reason for a special session.

“We had a free and fair election and now it’s time to move on,” Wolf wrote on Twitter.

Mastriano said the legislature should be able to come into session without the governor’s approval. He wants to test the state constitution by convening through a simple majority vote.

“We want to come into session, because we have a crisis on our hands,” Mastriano said. “And let the governor take us to court, let’s fight him on this.”

State legislatures are responsible for carrying out elections in their states and for selecting the Electoral College electors to present to Congress.

Pennsylvania will send 20 Democratic electors when the Electoral College results are scheduled to be certified in a joint session of Congress Jan. 6.

Pennsylvania Republicans, however, selected another set of electors Dec. 14. They joined Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada and Wisconsin as states that chose dueling electors for the president.

The U.S. Supreme Court has indicated no interest in intervening in any election result challenged by President Trump’s campaign before Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration. Pennsylvania officials have until Jan. 22 to respond to the latest election lawsuit.

Via Newsmax