Trump Blasts ‘Biden’s Breathtaking Failure,’ Salutes ‘Ultra MAGA Country’

Americans voting in these midterms just need to assess where they were a few years ago, former President Donald Trump told his Save America rally at the Ford Wyoming Center in Casper, Wyoming, on Saturday night.

“The contrast between the Trump administration success and Joe Biden’s breathtaking failure could not be more stark,” Trump told the rally, which aired live on Newsmax. “Compare how great America was just two years ago. Think of it compared with today.

“Two years ago, look, where we were doing things that nobody thought possible. And then three years ago, it was even beyond, and then we got hit with the crap that came out of China, the China virus.”

Trump returned to the campaign rally tour after a few weeks’ hiatus, stumping for Wyoming House GOP primary candidate Harriet Hageman. He celebrated the campaign to oust “RINO” (Republican in name only) Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., and the new nickname for his extremely loyal supporters.

“They gave us a new name — they made a little mistake with this — but this is Ultra MAGA country: Ultra MAGA, even better!” Trump began in his speech, which lasted more than 1½ hours.

“Over the next six months, the people of Wyoming are going to vote to dump your RINO congresswoman Liz Cheney. And you’re going to send the incredible Harriet Hageman to Congress, and together we are going to end crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all. Crazy Nancy; she’s crazy.”

Trump opened with a targeted rebuke of Cheney for “warmongering” and being “America last.”

“When I was there, we were respected,” Trump said of his presidency. “Nobody was going to war with us. Nobody, OK? We didn’t have to go to war for people to know that we were the toughest and we were the strongest. We did it in a much different way.

“She’s the face of the Washington swamp and the same failed foreign policy of the Clintons, Bushes, the Obamas, Bidens, and the entire sick political establishment.”

Trump made fresh comments blasting the House Jan. 6 “unselect” committee, which Cheney joined and was tapped as co-chair in her efforts to attack Trump.

“I’ve taken the cake for investigations,” Trump said of the myriad investigations and “hoaxes” to tarnish him as a candidate, president, and former president. “A friend of mine said, ‘You know, this has been going on for years: You must be the most honest man in the history of our country.'”

Hageman is trouncing Cheney by 30 points in recent polling.

“I am going to reclaim Wyoming’s lone congressional seat from that Virginian who owns it,” Hageman told the raucous crowd before Trump took the stage.

Trump hailed Hageman’s primary “as the most important” one in the entire country.

“Wyoming, all of America is counting on you,” Trump said. “You have become so important. We all know how great your state is, how beautiful your state is, but you’ve become — politically speaking — you’re at the top of the list.”

Trump reiterated his mantra that “sick people” within Washington, D.C., are “the greatest danger” to our country.

“These are bad people; that’s why our greatest danger is not from outside of our country,” Trump said. “Our greatest danger is the sick people from within. That’s the way it is.

“And if Liz Cheney truly cared about saving American democracy, instead of persecuting Republicans, she would be demanding that everyone involved in the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Via            Newsmax