Stand with Trump, Stand for America

More than 70 million Americans are suspicious of this election, but the so-called #Resistance is ready to sweep everything under the rug and move on to the coronation ceremony. We know that if the shoe were on the other foot, if Donald Trump were elected in this irregular manner, the Left would be screaming bloody murder and there would be riots in cities all across the country. They know it, too. They don’t care.

They now demand that we immediately accept the result as the media has called it in the most consequential election in more than 150 years and recognize Joe Biden as America’s puppet king.

As a doctor cures illness, they speak of “healing” the body politic of the disease of Trump and his supporters.

These frauds have spent four years dismissing us all as racist scum and conspiracy theorists while working, day after day, to destroy the president we elected legitimately. They treat half the country as strangers in our own land.

Why should we acquiesce to the demands of people who hate us and who don’t give a damn who or what the people choose?

Prime facie, we have never had an election more opaque or unusual than this. It has been a fraudster’s holiday, a Third World catastrophe, as anyone with honesty and common sense can acknowledge. But no evidence, no logic is enough to satisfy an opposition determined to conclude that our grievances lack merit. They presume the authority to decide what is true or false, and they have decided that they are the good people, and we are the bad; they speak for our democracy, while we have no rightful part in it; they have the power, and we are their rightful subjects.

Despite all the nonsense they put this country through, the derangement about pee tapes and Russian collusion, they nevertheless insist that anyone claiming disenfranchisement is participating in a mass delusion. Convinced of their right to rule, they hope to assert control of the country with propaganda so deafening that any dissenters are demoralized and simply give in.

Donald Trump and the movement he helped spur to action are now all that stand between America and bona fide authoritarianism. We have seen and felt the quiet, steady operation of this power steal over the nation little by little. It now believes that America will soon be under its heel.

We saw it at work in the Biden campaign, which was a corrupt scam and a cynical insult to the American people from the very beginning. Never has a candidate gotten so many lucky breaks, and never have the American people been more manipulated or deceived in choosing their president. With the help of the press and the technology companies that direct the public flow of information, this common swamp rat made it to Election Day without having to account for his family’s conflicts of interest in China, to say nothing of providing the barest sketch of how he would govern the country.

The court scribes who have elevated Biden into America’s demented viceroy-to-be are now ready to write Trump out of the history books as a usurper, and his presidency as an aberration made possible by a momentary spasm of confusion and hate. But four years of pretending that Trump is a transitory phenomenon have not worked. The ruling class was dismayed to be reminded of this on Election Night, when more than 70 million of us showed up and issued a firm veto to their rule.

They can try to steal the election, they can keep working to pathologize us out of social and political existence, but the other half of the country is not magically going to disappear just because they want us to. That much, at least, has to be clear to them now.

Their hatred of this country and the people who love it has never been more obvious. We are up against people who embrace censorship and repression of anyone who questions their authority, who regard our peaceful assembly as a provocation to attack, as we saw in Washington on Saturday.

The dividing line is clear: the ruling class that the people rejected in 2016, that has gone to war with Trump his entire presidency, is out in the open like never before. It is now Trump and his supporters against every powerful interest in the country, which have all united behind Biden in a common ambition to crush Trump and the American people. This moment is the culmination of all their hopes.

We cannot concede. These people are not our friends, they are America’s enemies, and we owe them nothing but our contempt.

Via The American Greatness