Sidney Powell’s Bombshell Michigan Election Lawsuit Explained

Prominent appellate lawyer, Sidney Powell, has been working independently of the Trump campaign to set aside the Presidential election results in Michigan. The lawsuit she filed late on Wednesday claims that “hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate, or purely fictitious ballots” aided by ” massive election fraud” gave former Vice President Joe Biden the popular vote in Michigan.

The defendants in the case are Michigan Governor Whitmer, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and the Michigan Board of State Canvassers. Unlike the lawsuit in Georgia where Dominion was barely mentioned, the Michigan lawsuit pointed to multiple irregularities due to Dominion Voting System’s software being used to secure and tabulate the vote.

The lawsuit alleges proof that there were multiple violations of Michigan’s Elections Code and the Election and Electors Clauses and Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution due to “massive voter fraud.”

The civil action claims to have “affidavits of dozens of eyewitnesses and the statistical anomalies and mathematical impossibilities detailed in the affidavits of expert witnesses.” The suit claims that the intent to defraud our elections was done by “illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to manufacture an election of Joe Biden as President of the United States.”

The suit also alleges that the conduct in question “occurred throughout the State at the direction of Michigan state election officials,” but the most “egregious range of conduct [was] in Wayne County and the City of Detroit.”

The “egregious range of conduct” in question was “the systemic adaptation of old-fashioned ‘ballot-stuffing’ that “has now been amplified and rendered virtually invisible by computer software” we now know to be the Dominion software.

It goes on to claim that the Michigan Board of State Canvassers gave Dominion Voting Systems Corporation a contract of $25 million to tabulate the vote. It says that Dominion’s system “derived” from Smartmatic Corp (Sequoia in the U.S.) was instrumental in the fraudulent elections in Venezuela and now the United States.

The eyewitness testimony in the “Dominion Whistleblower Report” said they were a “direct witness to the creation and operation of an electronic voting system in a conspiracy between a company known as Smartmatic with the Venezuelan government.” The software from Smartmatic (Sequoia) “was to create and operate a voting system that could change the votes in elections from votes against persons running the Venezuelan government to votes in their favor in order to maintain control of the government.”

If this sounds eerily familiar, you aren’t the only one that feels this way. Sidney Powell’s lawsuit alleges that “a core requirement of the Smartmatic software design ultimately adopted by Dominion for the Michigan elections was the software’s ability to hide its manipulation of votes from any audit.”

The most harmful aspect of Dominion software for finding the truth, as the lawsuit alleges, is that the software does not “permit a simple audit to reveal its misallocation, redistribution, or deletion of votes.” The software utilizes “unprotected logs.” Meaning that there is no encrypted protection securing the “real-time audit log that maintains the date and time stamps of all significant election events.”

The suit alleges that since the machines were hooked up to the internet, any “unauthorized user [has] the opportunity to arbitrarily add, modify, or remove log entries, causing the machine to log election events that do not reflect actual voting tabulations.” They can add or take away votes on a whim for whichever candidate they want.

The lawsuit also alleges proof that “the standards of physical security of the voting machines and the software were breached, and machines were connected to the internet.” It cites expert, Princeton Professor Dr. Andrew Appel saying that he created software that could “switch some votes around from one candidate to another.” He said all you would need “to hack a voting machine [is] 7 minutes alone with it and a screwdriver.”

One expert, Russell James Ramsland, claims in the suit “that Dominion alone is responsible for the injection, or fabrication, of 289,866 illegal votes in Michigan.” If this is found to be true, this witness alone would have found enough votes to flip Michigan’s election back to President Trump.

Although Dominion’s software plays a heavy roll in the lawsuit, the complaint also cites “additional categories of traditional voting fraud and Michigan Election Code violations, supplemented by healthy doses of harassment, intimidation, discrimination, abuse and even physical removal of Republican poll challengers to eliminate any semblance of transparency, objectivity or fairness from the vote-counting process.”

The suit states that there were three categories of “illegal conduct by election workers in collaboration with other state, county and/or city employees and Democratic poll watchers and activists.”

First, they wanted to cover up any illegal ballot counting by election workers by, among other things denying Republican election challengers and poll watchers meaningful access to the process, “during which time tens of thousands of ballots were processed.”

They excluded Republicans from seeing the ballot counting process, and as a result, “Democratic election challengers outnumbered Republicans by 2:1 or 3:1 ( or sometimes 2:0 at voting machines).”

Second, the suit claims that Michigan election workers “illegally forged, added, removed or otherwise altered information on ballots, the Qualified Voter File (QVF) and Other Voting Records.” It says that the workers illegally added “tens of thousands of new ballots and/or new voters to QVF in two separate batches on November 4, 2020, all or nearly all of which were votes for Joe Biden.”

Not only is the suit alleging that they added votes in for Joe Biden, but the same workers are responsible for allegedly “changing votes for Donald Trump and other Republican candidates” and changing the dates on absentee ballots that came in after election day, also called back-dating.

The third category in the suit claims that “election workers committed several additional categories of violation of the Michigan Election Code to enable them to accept and count other illegal, ineligible or duplicate ballots or reject Trump or Republican ballots.” The complaint says that election workers “permitted illegal double voting,” counting “ineligible” ballots with some of the ballots being counted “multiple times.”

But the most “egregious” claim in the suit – in my humble opinion – is that Michigan election workers allegedly allowed “unsecured ballots [to arrive] at the TCF Center loading garage, not in sealed ballot boxes, without any chain of custody, and without envelopes, after the 8:00 PM Election Day deadline, in particular, the tens of thousands of ballots that arrived on November 4, 2020.”

The immediate action the lawsuit wants from the court is to immediately “de-certify the election results” to stop Gov. Whitmer and the secretary of state from “transmitting the currently certified election results” and instead order Gov. Whitmer to transmit certified election results that state that President Donald Trump the winner of the election.”

Via The Federalist Papers