Seattle: Antifa Terrorists Riot, Target Amazon Store (Video)

Not satisfied with merely forcing Trump out of office with a coup, the far left radicals of antifa took to the streets of Seattle to do, what else, riot and light fires. They demand “total abolition” according to one chant:


At one point they vandalized an Amazon Go store. Note the “Guillotine Bezos” tag:

You may recall that the terrorists previously demonstrated outside Bezos’s home with an actual guillotine last year. After blocking Parler from his Amazon servers and promoting BLM stuff on the online retailer, it appears his efforts to kowtow to the terrorists have all been in vain.

Seattle police have managed to arrest, well, apparently only one of the terrorists thus far:

The terrorists also managed to smash up a courthouse:

This comes just a couple of days after the Seattle protesters shut down I5.

As these leftist run s***hole cities are being destroyed by the far left terrorists, the wonderful agents of the FBI have been focusing all of their efforts on investigating Trump supporters.

Via The Gateway Pundit