Rush Limbaugh: CNN just disproved Pelosi’s incitement charge

CNN has provided evidence that President Trump did not incite rioters at the U.S. Capitol last week, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh said Friday.

His comment came in response to a CNN reporter stating: “The indications that they’re getting, certainly from the evidence that the FBI and prosecutors are now in possession of, indicates that there were people who left the rally where the president was speaking outside of the White House. They could not bring any weapons anywhere close to where the president was. They left a little early and then they went to go retrieve some of the items that then were used in the assault on the Capitol and that includes things like crowbars, we saw people with sledgehammers, people with climbing ropes and climbing gear. People who clearly had trained and know exactly how to use these to get into a building. And so that’s what’s leading law enforcement to increasingly believe that there had to be a greater level of planning than was first thought.”

A timeline published by the New York Times showed the breach of the Capitol started long before the president concluded his speech in the elipse between the Washington Monument and the White House, which is about a mile away.

“This guy doesn’t get it,” Limbaugh said. “He really doesn’t get it. This is the story CNN accidentally – Evan Perez does not realize what he reported. Trump didn’t call for any of that. Somebody go get me the words of Trump demanding people get climbing equipment, go out and find crowbars, sledgehammers, climbing ropes, climbing gear.

“Trump didn’t incite all that. He never once uttered any of those words. He never once asked people to engage in that kind of behavior,” Limbaugh said.

“They even reported at CNN that people left before Trump’s speech was even over, which blows up the timeline that Trump’s speech caused all that happened,” he said.

The House charged President Trump with “incitement of insurrection” in its article of impeachment, but his supporters argue he didn’t call for violence and told the crowd to “peacefully” join him at the Capitol to “cheer on” the Republican lawmakers who were formally objecting to Electoral College votes at the joint Session of Congress.

“I don’t know how we categorize this in terms of is it the big lie or was the Russian hoax lie bigger than this, but whatever, we are not getting the truth out of these people,” Limbaugh said.

“In other words, in order to destroy Donald Trump, they have to lie. In order to ruin Donald Trump, they have to lie. They have to lie about him, they have to lie about you, they have to lie about all of us. I just look at this, and I marvel. This reporter doesn’t have a clue that his report essentially exonerates Trump.”

Limbaugh said Democrat’s are at war against Trump because they are afraid of him.

“I’m telling you, folks, it means they are scared to death of the guy. They think that he’s going to rise from whatever ashes they create. They know there are at least 74 million of you that voted for him who are not abandoning him. They had hoped to affect that, to create that,” he said. “They haven’t been able to, and they know it, and they’re deathly worried about all this.”

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