Pro-Sen. Sanders Group to Launch Campaign Urging Biden Not to Run Again

A progressive grassroots organization that backed Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the 2016 and 2020 elections announced Monday it would launch a campaign the day after the midterms, urging President Joe Biden to not seek reelection in 2024.

Biden has been “neither bold nor inspiring” since assuming office in 2021, RootsAction‘s press release Monday read, adding, because his “prospects for winning reelection appear to be bleak,” a #DontRunJoe campaign will launch Nov. 9, the day after the midterms.

“In 2024, the United States will face the dual imperatives of preventing a Republican takeover of the White House and advancing a truly progressive agenda,” the release added. “The stakes could not be higher. The threat of a neofascist GOP has become all too obvious. Bold and inspiring leadership from the Oval Office will be essential.”

“With so much at stake, making [Biden] the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in 2024 would be a tragic mistake,” they added.

Since assuming the role of the United States’ 46th president last year, Biden has floundered amid a cascading series of crises, from migration and the flood of immigrants from the southern border to historic inflation, a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, and exceedingly high gas prices.

But The Hill reported the president has contended he will run again in 2024 alongside Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Biden triumphed over Donald Trump in 2020 with vital help from extraordinary grassroots efforts in swing states by progressive organizations,” RootsAction concluded. “A president is not his party’s king, and he has no automatic right to renomination. Joe Biden should not seek it. If he does, he will have a fight on his hands.”

Via        Newsmax