President Trump: “What Happens when People Find Out All These States Are Gonna Flip, Does That Mean You Go 3.5 Years With Someone Destroying Our Country?”

President Trump’s October rally crowd in Butler, PA.

President Trump sat down with TGP Contributor Wayne Allyn Root this week for an exclusive interview on his nationally- syndicated radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network.

During their discussion, President Trump was asked about the ongoing forensic audits taking place in several states today.
Via The Storm Has Arrived on Telegram:

President Trump’s response will undoubtedly spread panic in liberal media circles.

President Trump: “I think, well frankly, I think there’s gonna be a big problem because when people find out that all of these states are gonna flip, does that mean you go three-and-a-half years with somebody that is destroying our country?…

Wayne Allyn Root: Well, that’s the question. What happens when you find out..?

President Trump: Well, it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens… All I do is…I sit back and watch.”

The full audio of President Trump’s interview with Wayne Allyn Root is below and here.

Listen to “Wayne Allyn Root’s One-On-One With President Donald J. Trump–May 26th 2021” on Spreaker.

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