President Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’ – Will Carry On the Agenda of the Trump Administration

President Trump announced he created the “Office of the Former President”.  He will use this office to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration.

President Trump announced that he is officially creating the ‘Office of the Former President’.  He announced this on Telegram today:

This is one of the first actions coming from the President since he departed Washington DC.  President Trump was up on election night by hundreds of thousands of votes in multiple states but early in the next morning, Democrat operatives added hundreds of thousands of additional ballots to the election and by the end of the week, the states the President won on election night were flipped to Joe Biden.  Any fraudulent activities related to these events have never been forensically audited and the court cases surrounding the apparent fraud have never allowed evidence to be presented.

US elections will never be free and fair in the future until all the fraud is investigated and adequately and independently addressed.  The 2020 election was the largest steal in world history.  Everyone but the President and the American people were involved.

Via The Gateway Pundit