President praises American response to Chinese coronavirus

President Trump on Thursday released a New Year’s message from the White House, and he praised the nation for its amazing response to the Chinese coronavirus that invaded early in 2020, and has killed hundreds of thousands.

He said while vaccines normally take years to develop, American government and industry working together did that in just nine months to fight COVID-19.

He also said a bright future is there for the nation to take.

“As long as we remain loyal to our nation, devoted to our citizens and faithful to almighty God, we know the best is yet to come.”

He praised Americans for their grit and tenacity in the face of the virus, noted how the nation’s industrial complex launched operations to built ventilators and millions of masks on a moment’s notice and how millions of lives were saved by decisions to close borders.

All the experts, he pointed out, said it was impossible and unthinkable to have a vaccine ready so soon.

“We did it,” he said. “A medical miracle. That’s exactly what it is.”

Via Wnd