Pompeo: Biden Administration Lost Trump’s ‘Deterrence Model’

President Joe Biden’s administration has “completely lost the deterrence model” that the Trump administration had put in place to stop hostile actions worldwide, and as a result, “enormous risks” are growing on many fronts, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday.

In addition to the growing likelihood of Russia invading Ukraine and the potential of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, “none of us should forget that Americans are headed back to Vienna to negotiate with the Iranians this week,” Pompeo said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” “We gave them sanctions relief, and they have already rejected that and will ask for more.”

And as a result of the “weakness” of the Biden administration and from having an “American president who won’t stand up for our country,” there are now worldwide risks in addition to the ones being faced in the United States, said Pompeo.

“This presents an enormous risk not only to eastern Europe and Ukraine, the people of Taiwan, but the Iranian people, the Israelis that could suffer if the Iranians get a nuclear weapon, and certainly what happens on the Korean Peninsula,” said Pompeo.

The former secretary also spoke out about the ongoing Winter Olympics in Beijing, and stressed while he loves the games and the American athletes who work hard to compete, “they are just games, and that’s how we view them.”

However, the Chinese Communist Party sees the games as a propaganda tool, and the United States has put its athletes in a “terrible position” by not boycotting this year’s Olympics

“Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi told our young American kids, you travel abroad and give up all your American rights, just shut up and don’t say a word because it’s too dangerous,” said Pompeo. “This is exactly why Xi Jinping spent the money on these games, to show he can dominate the West and have that West operate by his rules, under his system. We have seen all of the tragedies that have taken place with COVID that came from this place, the Wuhan virus. It’s a Chinese propaganda operation being supported by the Americans and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) being corrupted.”

Xi, he added, wants to tell the world that the West is in decline, but “look what a free, wonderful nation China is and how beautiful it is. That’s why he put an Uyghur in the opening games and why he’s holding a million of that person’s family members and sterilizing women and conducting the worst human rights violations while the ‘genocide games’ are going on.”

The Olympics could have been held “in a million places,” not in a country like China, whose regime is “conducting genocide.”

“The leadership has no right to the glory of these games, and for it to be hidden by American money…I regret that these games are going on today in this terrible place,” said Pompeo.

Via      Newsmax