Poll: Latinos not happy with Biden immigration policy

A Marist poll commisssioned by NPR shows a minority of Latino voters support President Biden’s immigration policy while independent voters oppose it by 2 to 1.

Overall, only 33% of voters approve and 54% disapprove of policies that have been criticized even by some Democrats as responsible for the surge of migrants at the border that has overwhelming the immigration system, according to the survey, conducted March 22 to 25.

While a majority of Latinos have supported the Democratic Party, the poll on Biden’s immigration policy shows them split, with 43% approving and 43% disapproving.

Among Republican voters, just 5% support the president’s immigration policies. Among Democrats, 66% approve, 23% disapprove and 11% are undecided.

Another recent poll found a demographic that traditionally supports the Democratic Party in opposition to a prominent party policy position.

While Democrats contend laws requiring voters to present photo ID are racist, a Ramussen survey found 69% of likely black voters favor such laws. Only 21% are opposed.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” CEO Lili Gil Valletta, a big data and Hispanic marketing expert, explained why Latino voters favor more border security.

Valletta said the images of children crammed in facilities far beyond their capacity is “putting the problem under a magnifying glass.”

But even before the current crisis, she said, the view of Latino voters already was clear.

She cited a survey showing 76% of Latinos want more border security.

Her company recently analzyed 7.8 million “digital discussions,” of which nearly 1 million were Hispanic, and found a 50-50 split regarding Biden’s handling of immigration.

Latinos, she said, “do want to fix immigration,” meaning reforming the process for people from Latin America to come to the U.S. legally and eventually obtain citizenship.

But “you have to balance that with border security, so we don’t create a humanitarian crisis.”

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