Pennsylvania county votes to have D.A. probe election-machine foul-up

With 2020 presidential election races in Georgia, Michigan and Arizona still under scrutiny, a new problem has developed with some of the same types of machines used in November, and officials in a Pennsylvania county now have voted for an investigation by the district attorney into the situation.

The 2020 results for Joe Biden all have been certified, but that isn’t stopping audits in multiple states of the results of the election in which witnesses provided sworn statements of fraud and suspicious actions.

The eventual documentation of significant fraud wouldn’t change the election results, but would be an eye-opener to leftists and liberals who continue to say, like state elections officials, that everything during the 2020 count was accurate.

The Washington Examiner said the new situation is where voting machines provided by Dominion Voting Systems, which provided machines for some of the the states where results still are suspect, displayed “all ballots … as Democratic.”

Now Luzerne County’s 11-member council decided to ask for a review of the May 18 election controversy.

The Examiner said, “Councilman Walter Griffith, who proposed the resolution, claimed that many GOP and independent voters were ‘disenfranchised and concerned about the integrity of the election process’ when some left polling places agitated. The resolution, as described by the local news outlet, requests the district attorney look into Dominion’s practices and procedures as well as the election board’s actions in overseeing and maintaining the security of election equipment.”

The report said District Attorney Sam Sanguedolce conceded that a review might be appropriate.

“Without integrity in our elections, the public cannot trust the remainder of our democratic process,” he said.

It was during a primary election that day that voters, “regardless of their party affiliation,” saw a ballot only labeled for the Democratic primary.

That led to confusion over the ballots because ballots for GOP voters would show as GOP ballots when they were printed.

Dominion officials claimed it was “human error.”

County election officials also said that “every vote was counted correctly.”

Local media also had noted that a news reporting team discovered voting machines “unattended” in a public walkway in a mall.

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