One Third Of US States Have Now Joined Texas SCOTUS Bid To Overturn Election

A total of seventeen US states filed a brief at the US Supreme Court on Wednesday in support of Texas’s bid to overturn the election results.

First it was Louisiana, then late on Tuesday Eric Schmitt, the Attorney General for Missouri, announced he will join Texas in the battle to Supreme Court.

“Election integrity is central to our republic,” said in a tweet Schmitt. “And I will defend it at every turn. As I have in other cases – I will help lead the effort in support of Texas’ #SCOTUS filing today. Missouri is in the fight.”

“If other states don’t follow the Constitution and if their state legislature isn’t responsible for overseeing their elections … it affects my state,” said Ken Paxton the Texas Attorney General in an interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit last Monday with the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the election procedures conducted in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“Our job is to make sure the Constitution is followed and that every vote counts. And in this case, I’m not sure every vote was counted. Not in the right way,” continued Paxton.

Via Zero Hedge