Now Democrats want to RE-fund the police

After a year of equivocation on the Democratic Party base’s push to defund police, President Biden was commended by the New York Times for leading “a new crime-fighting agenda.”

The rival New York Post’s editorial board would have none of it, charging the Times’ brazen cheerleading could’ve been “drafted by the White House itself (was it?).”

“Let’s be honest: Democrats who demonized cops and called for defunding them betrayed complete contempt for public safety,” the Post board said. “No, Biden himself didn’t scream for defunding, but he refused to condemn those who did. Instead his campaign insisted Joe ‘hears and shares the deep grief and frustration of those calling out for change.'”

The Times wrote that Democrats are now “rallying with sudden confidence around a politically potent cause: funding the police.”

The Post offered a “translation,” concluding it means Democrats now realize “voters may hold them responsible for the damage caused by their irresponsible actions.”

The Post noted a recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey found only 36% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of crime, with 44 percent disapproving.

And the White House acknowledges “homicides rose 30 percent and gun assaults rose 8 percent in large cities in 2020.”

Crime data shows the number of homicides in six major Democratic Party-run cities across the country has increased compared to last year, disproportionately affecting black people, according to an analysis by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

In response, Biden is now urging cities to use some of the $1.9 trillion set aside for “COVID relief” to help fund police.

Nevertheless, the Democrats’ far-left faction in Congress is still in defund mode.

Rep. Arianna Pressley, D-Mass., said Wednesday on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight” that she supports “a radical reimagining of community safety and public safety, which means reallocating and not further investing in a carceral state.”

After Biden announced his plan Thursday to curb gun violence, New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay admitted there’s been a spike in gun violence in large cities. But she attributed it to trauma, grief, homelessness “and just general upheaval that the United States has gone through.”

Instapundit contributor Ed Driscoll noted, however, that her newspaper ran an opinion piece one year ago titled “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police,” arguing “reform won’t happen.”

The author, Mariame Kaba said the “only way to diminish police violence is to reduce contact between the public and the police.”

Throughout America’s history, said Kaba, who is described as “an organizer against criminalization,” police “have suppressed marginalized populations to protect the status quo.”

“So when you see a police officer pressing his knee into a black man’s neck until he dies, that’s the logical result of policing in America,” she wrote. “When a police officer brutalizes a black person, he is doing what he sees as his job.”

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