NBC News’Liberal Anchor Makes Stunning Admission: Joe Biden ‘No Longer Seen as Competent and Effective’

It seems even the most liberal of mainstream media hosts can no longer deny Biden is failing on all levels.

Case in point, NBC’s Chuck Todd, anchor of Meet the Press, admitted Sunday that Joe Biden is “no longer seen as competent and effective.”

Reporting on an NBC political poll they are calling the “Midterm Meter,” Todd stated that not only is Biden incompetent and ineffective but he is “no longer seen as a good commander in chief.” He went so far as to say that Biden is also no longer seen as “easygoing and likable.”

He started the segment commenting on Biden’s press conference last Wednesday in which Biden was to “kick off a second-year reset of his presidency” and “recapture his political identity.” However, according to Todd, Biden failed horribly.

“Mr. Biden does need a reset, because he’s lost his identity a bit,” Todd said.

The poll in fact showed that Biden’s job approval rating is at 43%. According to Todd, “If you look at history, history shows that kind of presidential approval rating leads to a shellacking for the party in power.”

Additionally, the poll’s “nation is on the wrong track number [is] sitting at 72%.”

According to Todd these results “again would put you in shellacking territory for the party in power.”

These numbers should come as no surprise to anyone. Biden as been a disaster from the beginning. He has completely mishandled the pandemic, created an epic nightmare at the border, demanded government spending that has set the country into record inflation, and created a foreign policy scenario that has NATO on the brink of war with Russia with all the other bad players watching and flexing their muscles.

There is not doubt Democrats are in trouble for the midterms. Even worse for them, they have no good candidate to replace Biden in 2024 but the liberal mainstream media is sure trying to figure it out. They started producing lists of potential runners back in December including Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Gavin Newsom, Stacey Abrams and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This all spells disaster for the Dems. Let’s hope they don’t destroy the country between now and 2024.

Via        The Federalist Papers