Mystery: Republicans in California told they’ve ‘already voted’ in Newsom recall

Those many Americans who continue to have doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election are not going to be reassured by the special election going on now in California in an attempt to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom.

There, some voters who haven’t voted have been told by officials they already have.

Voted, that is.

According to a report from KTLA, some residents of the San Fernando Valley are saying they wrongly are being prevented from casting a ballot.

“Some voters say they were told the computers showed them as already having voted, even though they had not,” the report explained about the balloting at El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills.

Estelle Bender, 88, said in the report she was “far from the only person who was being told incorrectly that they had already voted.”

She reported filling out a provisional ballot and leaving “really angry.”

She identifies as Republican and said others facing the same problem apparently do too.

The report explained, “The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s office said in a statement that provisional ballots are a ‘failsafe option’ to ensure that everyone’s votes are counted.”

Breitbart reported Bender reported the “you voted” message had been delivered to apparently a Republican population “all morning.”

The registar’s office also confirmed that some equipment was “replaced” at the site.

The vote is an attempt to remove the far-left Newsom, whose actions have allowed the condition of the state to deteriorate, especially through his lockdown orders during COVID.

A top contender to replace him is talk-show host Larry Elder.

The 2020 presidential race results still aren’t believed by tens of millions of Americans. Their distrust likely started with middle-of-the-night ballot dumps on election night with votes sometimes almost exclusively for Joe Biden.

He ended up being given the White House on the basis of a few thousands of votes spread across multiple swing states.

While lawsuits challenging the integrity of the election failed, several states are considering, or have started, audits of their procedures. State legislatures also have been working on vote integrity moves, even though Democrats in Congress have threatened to take over all elections and remove those safeguards.

What is known about the election is that, in violation of the Constitution, multiple state officials simply changed or ignored state law regarding mail-in ballots. Further, that there was outside influence on the election processes is evidence in that far-left Mark Zuckerberg, of Facebook megawealth, handed over some $350 million to mostly leftist election officials to help them run their offices.

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