Michigan Election Witness’s Statement Goes Viral: “Democrats Like To Ruin Your Life”

The state of Michigan election integrity couldn’t be worse. This isn’t just an opinion. You can’t watch the testimony that came out of the hearing yesterday and believe that what happened at the TCF center in Detroit, Michigan, was above board.

To make matters worse, the Michigan state Representatives, especially if they had a “D” in front of their name, intimidated, harassed, and attempted to doxx the witnesses on live television WITH ZERO reprimand from the Republican chair Matt Hall.

Representative Darrin Camilleri questioned the witness, Melissa Carone, who worked as a contract employee for the Michigan election in Detroit.

Her testimony alleged that Michigan’s voting systems were designed perfectly to allow mass fraud with little to no paper trail. She claims to have worked closely with one of the voting software company’s co-owners on the night and day after the election.

She was told they had a “Chicago” style fraudulent warehouse that had issues but was back up and running, magically, when Biden started to get massive vote dumps in his favor. Is it a coincidence that Chicago is known for fraud in elections? She alleges that she witnessed thousands and thousands of ballots that were put through the machine multiple times. This was corroborated by other witnesses that say similar things happened at the tables that they were watching.

The IT witness says her affidavit claims to have witnessed over 19 counts of fraud in the two days she was at the TCF in Detroit.

Democrat Representative Darrin Camilleri asked the IT witness why it is that we are not having more people come forward?

*Which itself is a laughable question because, at one point, Mayor Guiliani held up a binder with close to a thousand affidavits from citizens willing to go to jail if they are lying. How is that not enough?*

IT Witness Melissa Carone: “I’ll tell you why; my life has been destroyed. My life has been completely destroyed because of this. I’ve lost family. I’ve lost friends. I’ve been threatened. My kids have been threatened. I’ve had to move. I’ve had to change my phone number. I’ve had to get rid of social media. Nobody wants to come forward. They are getting threatened. Their lives are getting ruined. I can’t even get an actual job anymore. I can’t because Democrats like to ruin your life.”

Rep. Cynthia Johnson had nothing to add to the meeting except disdain and contempt for the brave men and women that spoke in front of the committee. She is your typical Detroit Democrat. She’s brash, illogical, and completely unfit for the position she holds.

I bet if someone dug a little, she is probably apart of the “very” “respectable” Midnight Golf Program that claims to use its funds to send underprivileged High School students from Detroit to tour college campuses. I wonder if any of that money was spent on expensive lunches in Paris, Spain, Detroit, or Florida?

Via The Federalist Papers