Leftists Are Already Complaining That Biden’s Burgeoning Cabinet Is Too White

Democrat Joe Biden, the presumptive president-elect, is facing a backlash for the supposed lack of racial and ethnic diversity within the Cabinet he is assembling.

Assuming Biden takes office on Jan. 20, the 78-year-old will be the oldest person to ever become the U.S. president.

Take into account that the former vice president is also white and male, and that means he’s problematic — at least to those who view every one of life’s situations as being connected to race, gender, ethnicity or sexual preference.

Democrats are, as they always remind us, the party of diversity.

But Biden and his top associates are finding out the hard way that those obsessed with the politics of identity don’t aim their ire only at Republicans.

In fact, as Politico reported, Biden’s team is facing heat over those he’s chosen to work in his administration, should he indeed be inaugurated.

The report said Biden is being told to “step it up” with regard to appointing minorities to top positions.

“The faces of the economic team President-elect Joe Biden unveiled publicly Tuesday included an African American woman, a man born in Nigeria, an Indian American woman and just one white man,” Politico reported.

“The response from Asian American, Black and Latino Democrats: It’s not enough,” the outlet said.

Not so long ago, the establishment media savaged President Donald Trump for the perceived lack of racial diversity in the White House coronavirus task force.


Perhaps adding a nonbinary, cross-dressing Istro-Romanian to the task force would have appeased some Democrat critics.