Lawmakers Revolt as Biden Administration Kills Crucial Ethics Board, Turns Scientific Research Into Taxpayer-Funded Carnival of Death

In April, the Biden administration lifted a Trump-era ban on funding for experiments involving tissue from aborted fetuses and dissolved an ethics review board that was able to block funding to such ethically questionable “science.”

In short, the most aggressively pro-abortion president’s secretary for Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, wants to make sure that nothing stands in the way of using your tax dollars for sick and twisted experiments like grafting unborn baby’s scalps onto mice and yes — this is exactly the kind of thing that scientists do with aborted fetal tissue.

Several congressional Republican lawmakers — 137 to be exact — have signed a letter urging Secretary Becerra to reinstate the National Institute of Health’s Human Fetal Tissue Ethics Advisory Board, as well as the Trump-era HHS policy which banned “funding for intramural research using human fetal tissue.”

Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker and Missouri Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer and Vicky Hartzler led the letter, which was signed by 36 other senators — including high-profile Republicans like John Kennedy of Louisiana, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Tom Cotton of Arkansas — as well as 98 other members of the House of Representatives.

“The EAB provided critical ethical review of extramural research grant applications and its removal will assuredly reduce accountability and transparency in the use of tax dollars for ethically fraught research,” the letter read.

The letter also noted that “the recent decision to let federal researchers obtain, use, and store for intramural research the body parts of unborn children violently killed through abortion is deeply troubling” and that “Americans deserve better stewardship of their tax dollars than research that exploits the remains of aborted infants.”

The ethics advisory board and policies restricting the use of aborted fetal tissue in research were established, the lawmakers explained, “because of glaring abuses that came to light.”

The letter pointed out that the board was also able to carefully review an “FDA contract with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) to procure ‘fresh human fetal tissue’ for transplantation into mice,” which culminated with the cancellation of the questionable contract over federal standard concerns.

Although many in the scientific community were thrilled that the Biden administration paved the way for this concerning research, deeming the staunch opposition to the use of electively aborted unborn babies to be merely a “political” issue, pro-life Americans should certainly be shocked and disgusted to learn what has been done and now, no doubt will continue to be done with their tax dollars in the name of “science.”

The Trump administration’s efforts to prevent funding for fetal tissue research came after it was revealed that the Federal Drug Administration had been purchasing “fresh” organs of aborted babies from ABR to create “humanized mice.”

In May of this year, the Center for Medical Progress, which is best known for exposing Planned Parenthood’s questionably legal practice of selling the remains of aborted fetuses for big bucks, reported that the University of Pittsburgh may have used grant funding from the NIH to graft the scalps of aborted babies onto mice.

The GOP lawmakers wrote this week that such revelations call into question “the safeguards the federal government has in place” to ensure that American tax dollars are not being used to fund “unethical or illegal research.”

They noted that the advisory board Becerra has opted to shut down recommended that the HHS withhold funding from 13 of the 14 projects they reviewed over ethical concerns, making it all the more abundantly clear that such assurances should be put in place to prevent the funding of heinous research on the part of the American taxpayer.

“Given these concerns, it is absolutely vital that NIH maintain adequate oversight of federally funded HFT projects,” the letter urged. “Eliminating the EAB removes critical oversight and increases the likelihood that federally funded extramural projects may violate governing law and standing NIH polices with impunity.”

It is stomach-churning to think that, not only do we live in a nation where a business that receives taxpayer funding can profit from the remains of unborn babies that they’ve already received money to deliberately destroy, but that the taxpayers could also be funding research using these remains that is so sick and twisted it makes Dr. Moreau’s aspirations seem tame by comparison.

There is no doubt that the Biden administration is aggressively pro-abortion, and to what end? So Planned Parenthood and companies like Advance Bioscience Resources can continue to profit from the death of unborn children and the victimization of scared women facing unexpected pregnancies?

It’s easy for pro-aborts to defend this type of research as ethical as it’s often meant to explore potential treatments for life-threatening illnesses, but there is nothing moral about treating the remains of human babies with the same reverence as lab rats — to say nothing of the disgusting practice of trying to humanize rodents using the cells and skin of these murdered children.

If harvesting the remains of unborn American babies is justifiable for “science”, what else is justifiable to Biden’s HHS, or our culture of death at large?

One shudders to think.

Via The Western Journal