Joe Biden Seemingly Confuses Trump and Bush During a Virtual Rally, President Trump Responds

President Donald Trump mocked “sleepy” Joe Biden for seemingly forgetting who was President after the Socialist Democratic Party candidate for President said ‘we need to stop four more years of George.’

While addressing a virtual concert last night Biden weirdly said ‘Four more years of George, er, George, er, he – we’re going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world.’

Biden only appeared to realize that Trump was President after getting some help from his wife Jill who muttered “Trump” under her breath.


Joe Biden is clearly not up to the task of being President. He does not have the mental capacity, nor the stamina, as evidenced by his continuous early “lids” just days before the election.

As you might guess President Trump was not going to left a gaffe this huge pass him by without a response of some kind.

“Joe Biden called me George yesterday. Couldn’t remember my name. Got some help from the anchor to get him through the interview. The Fake News Cartel is working overtime to cover it up!” the President tweeted.

Sadly Trump is right that the media will ignore this gaffe and sign of Biden’s mental diminishment and work overtime to cover it up.

Probably by inventing some new made up scandal surrounding the President, his family or one of his advisors.

Via The Federalist Papers