Jan. 6 Panel Pledges New Evidence in Prime-Time Spectacle

The House Jan. 6 Select Committee pledges “previously unseen material,” regarding the Capitol riot and President Donald Trump preventing the “transfer of power,” will be aired Thursday night in a media spectacle.

According to The Hill and Breitbart, House Democrats have gone so far as to hire former ABC News executive James Goldston, who allegedly tried to cover up a story about Jeffery Epstein, to produce Thursday night’s airing of the panel’s new evidence for an 8 p.m. ET slot.

The goal, Axios reported, is for the viewing to be seen as a “blockbuster investigative special.”

Across the country, supporters of the panel’s efforts have even organized watch parties. One such event, held at the Taft Memorial Carillon near the Capitol, will feature “special guests,” including a virtual address from filmmaker Rob Reiner.

“We have real people lined up across the country to watch the hearings and spread the word that this assault on our democracy won’t stand,” Lisa Gilbert, the executive vice president of Public Citizen, said.

House Republicans, however, are calling the media spectacle a distraction.

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., rejected to sit on the panel, went after the hearing Wednesday, rebuking the “theatrics” of a “sham investigation,” and “partisan witch hunt.”

During a House GOP Caucus luncheon, members were told to stick to issues such as inflation and high gas prices.

Via          Newsmax