Harvard Poll: Majority Rejects Kids Choosing Pronoun, But Not Dems

While a majority of registered voters believe children should accept the pronoun of their biological sex — along with a majority saying use of alternative pronouns “confuses kids” — a majority of Democrats say the opposite in May’s Harvard-Harris Poll.

A large majority of Democrats (61%) say “kids should be able to pick their pronouns — he, she or they,” but they do not comport with the views of independents or Republicans.

The poll asked registered voters: “Do you think that kids should be able to pick their pronouns — he, she or they — or do you think they should be called by their sex?”

Large Republican (77%) and independent (64%) voter majorities believe kids should accept the pronoun of their sex as determined at birth, making that the overall majority (59%).

But Democrats largely say kids should pick their pronouns, going against the grain of the rest of American voters. Just 41% of voters say children should choose their pronoun.

The poll also asked: “Is allowing kids to pick their own pronouns a move that prevents discrimination against transgender students, or do you think it is excessive measure that does more to confuse kids about their sex?”

There were 60% of registered voters saying permitting children to choose their pronoun is “excessive” and “confuses kids,” while just 40% believe it “prevents discrimination,” according to the poll.

The Harvard Center for American Politics and The Harris Poll surveyed 1,963 registered voters May 18-19. There was no margin of error provided.

Via            Newsmax