Governor Makes Bold Move to End Covid State of Emergency and Lift Other Restrictions, Media and the Left Outraged

The Republican governor of Missouri just made a bold move that will be cheered by residents and is sure to lead to media hysterics and enrage leftists across the nation.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has decided to let the covid state of emergency that has been in place in Missouri since March of 2020 expire on New Years Eve saying “we all now know how to best fight and prevent serious illness from this virus.”

Via Fox News:

“Thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccine, widespread efforts to mitigate the virus, and our committed health care professionals, past needs to continue the state of emergency are no longer present,” Parson said.

The Missouri governor explained that over the past 22 months the administration has worked to mitigate COVID-19 and return to “normalcy.”

“The State stands ready to provide assistance and response, but there is no longer a need for a state of emergency,” he said.

The governor’s office also explained that at one time nearly “600 statutory and regulatory waivers” were approved across Missouri state government.” This number has been reduced by 80% and remaining waivers will end on Friday.

Accordingly, Missouri National Guard will no longer be activated for COVID-related issues.

This is fantastic news and every governor in the country should follow suit.

At the very least every Republican governor in the country should follow and lift every covid restriction still in place in their respective states as soon as the law allows.

As you might expect many leftist media types and others have already gone of the deep end with their response to the Missouri governor’s bold move to end the state of emergency and all covid restrictions in his state:

Lets hope that hospitalizations and deaths do not rise in Missouri and that Governor Mike Parson is able to hold strong against the coming pushback from the media and the left.

Florida Governor Rick DeSantis stood strong against the covid mob and his state is stronger because of his leadership. Lets hope Parson has the same level of steel in his spine as DeSantis.

I guess we will all find out soon enough.

Via      The Federalist Papers