GOP fireworks! Trump election lawyer Jenna Ellis quits Republican Party

The battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party intensified Monday night as Jenna Ellis, one of President Trump’s former election lawyers, announced she’s quitting the GOP.

Appearing on “Real America’s Voice,” Ellis blasted the GOP for doing little to defend the former commander in chief.

“Sure, the Republicans claim to be keeping Democrats in check, but only a handful of outsiders are actually speaking up,” she said.

“The rest are compromising on everything. The infrastructure bill, for example. Or the second impeachment hoax, where [Senate GOP Leader Mitch] McConnell actually stood up and ranted against President Trump for his own political gain, not for the truth.”

She also launched into the Republican National Committee.

“What happened to the millions raised by the RNC in November sand December of 2020 – the Trump team never saw a dime of that help,” she stated.

“All of them, including [RNC Chair] Ronna McDaniel, should resign now. Until they do, as of today, I am resigning from the party. I am changing my voter registration and I am no longer a Republican until the party decides that it wants to be conservative again.”

“Even if I stand alone for the truth, I will stand for the truth,” Ellis continued.

“A compromised, corrupted majority is not a majority worth being a part of. If we genuinely want to create a more perfect union we have to stand up for our principles against the corrupted machine of self-serving politicians in Washington.”

Meanwhile, as WND reported, a new series of reports reveals that around the 2020 election, a contest that fact-checkers claim was untarnished even though it featured more smoke than this week’s Western wildfires, President Trump was fighting the swamp.

Not just the Democrat swamp, in the person of lifetime Washington personality Joe Biden. The GOP swamp, too.

For example, according to the Gateway Pundit, former Attorney General Bill Barr forbid investigations into allegations of fraud, “even though numerous crimes [were] committed in order to steal the election for Joe Biden.”

And it was revealed that RNC chief counsel Justin Riemer “was questioning why his Republican party colleagues were supporting President Trump’s allegations of voter fraud.”

Jenna Ellis, right, with President Donald Trump (Jenna Ellis Twitter profile)

And when an email was texted to Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis confirming that, and it was passed along to Rudy Giuliani and Bernard Kerik, an RNC spokesman denied it.

And when Ellis confirmed it is true, she was blocked on social media by RNC spokeswoman Ronna McDaniel.

Earlier, President Trump had sent a cease-and-desist letter to the RNC telling them to quit using his name in fundraisers.

Business Insider earlier confirmed that Giuliani had told the Riemer to resign last November, a fact revealed in Michael Wolff’s new book.

Trump’s team, at the time, believed it to be “just one more example of Trump having to fight the GOP establishment,” the report said.

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