Ginni Thomas’ Attorney Says She Won’t Testify for Jan. 6 Committee

The attorney for Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, said in a letter that his client refuses to testify in front of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, protest and riot at the Capitol.

Citing “no sufficient basis” for her testimony, attorney Mark Paoletta said in a Tuesday letter to the committee that Thomas would not be testifying and that she has become the target of “an avalanche of death threats and other abuse by the unprecedented assault on the conservative Supreme Court justices and their families,” the Boston Globe reported Wednesday.

In the letter, Paoletta asked the committee “to provide a better justification for why Mrs. Thomas’s testimony is relevant to the Committee’s legislative purpose,” according to CNN.

The committee requested her testimony with a June 16 letter saying the panel wanted to inquire about her alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, Committee Chairman Bernie Thompson told CNN at the time.

The request came after emails between Ginni Thomas and conservative attorney John Eastman became known, allegedly tying her to the efforts of former President Donald Trump and his supporters to declare the results of the election invalid, the report said.

While the details contained within the emails are not yet public, Thomas said in an interview with The Daily Caller at the time that she “looked forward” to speaking with the committee and that she “can’t wait to clear up misconceptions.”

Calling the narrative that has emerged from the revelations about the correspondence with Eastman being connected to Trump or the events at the Capitol “distorted” and “blatantly false,” Paoletta said in the letter to the committee that “there is no story here.”

“She held no official or unofficial role in the White House, nor in President Trump’s reelection campaign,” CNN reported the attorney wrote.

Paoletta said there is no documentation tying his client to the events of that day or to any actions taken by the White House during that time.

“Mrs. Thomas was not, and is not, familiar with Mr. Eastman’s specific litigation efforts,” Paoletta said in the letter describing his client’s communications with Eastman. “Not a single document shows any coordination between Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Eastman. And further, all of these emails were exchanged on or before Dec. 9, [2020] before the electors met and were certified by each of their states.”

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