Gal stranded with $0.00: Major bank cancels Trump supporter’s account without warning

A banking corporation, without apology and without much explanation, has shut down a bank account for America First activist Lauren Witzke, but has denied it had anything to do with her conservative beliefs and politics.

A statement from Wells Fargo said the decision was made “appropriately,” but the actions generated a warning from Andrew Torba, the chief of, who also has faced banking obstacles because of politics.

“Today it’s Lauren; yesterday it was Gab; and tomorrow it can and will be you,” he warned.

The National File said Witzke, who was a Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware in 2020, confirmed the bank corporation shut down her bank account, removing her money from the entire system.

It left her with a “zero balance” and she would have been stranded had she not been with friends out of state at the time.

The report explained, “The lack of explanation from Wells Fargo as to why they closed down Witzke’s bank account opens questions as to why the decision was taken to begin with, and if it had anything to do with her Christian conservative politics. Witzke is a current presenter with TruNews, a Christian broadcast network, and has stood up for America First policies, including joining with fellow conservative activists Nick Fuentes, Laura Loomer, and Michelle Malkin, to push for a greater crackdown on Big Tech in Florida. She had been removed from Twitter after calling out a transgender activist for saying that little girls are ‘kinky.'”

The report said, “Witzke is not the first conservative to face seemingly punitive action from banks as a result of her politics. Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba earlier this year revealed that he and his New Tech social media platform had been banned from 4 banks within the space of 4 weeks, due to media smears that the site is a ‘haven for extremists’ and other spurious claims. In February, pro-Trump coffee brand ‘Covfefe Coffee’ were banned from using Chase Bank’s WePay processor – after National File and others reported on the incident, sales for Covfefe Coffee shot up over 7,500%.”

The bank said in a statement the decision was not because of “political views.”

Torba posted a video discussing the situation.

And commentator Michelle Malkin wrote on WND about the attack on conservatives.

“On Tuesday, 33-year-old Lauren Witzke received a terse notice from her bank, Wells Fargo. The available balance on her account read ‘$0.00.’ Her entire life savings of roughly $15,500 had been transferred to ‘loss prevention.’ Was this a case of theft or fraud? Had her account been compromised? Nope. ‘When I called, Wells Fargo told me that it was a ‘business decision,” Witzke recounted, ‘and that they have the right to close my account at any time,'” Malkin reported.

“What you need to know,” Malkin explained, is that Witzke “is an outspoken Christian conservative activist and supporter of former President Donald Trump who peacefully exercised her First Amendment rights at the Jan. 6 Capitol rally. She has not been charged with any crime. She was, however, suspended on Twitter for peacefully opposing mass migration and violent refugee criminals in Europe. She was banned completely from the platform in March for peacefully expressing her opinion that a transgender activist, who tweeted that little girls were kinky, was ‘demonic.’ She has organized peaceful election integrity efforts in Georgia through her work with the Hold the Line PAC. She has been a fierce and peaceful advocate for ‘America First’ principles protecting the traditional nuclear family, supporting an immigration moratorium and combating Big Tech censorship.”

Malkin explained that all made Witzke a target “for threatening the powers that be in Big Government and Big Business.”

“This is an obvious case of coordinated financial censorship and targeting of citizens by Big Government and Big Business based on their political views. Pattern recognition is key. As I’ve previously reported in my columns and latest book, ‘Open Borders Inc.,’ Wall Street is in bed with social justice radicals and deep-state bureaucrats who’ve erected America’s very own version of the Chinese social credit system in which political dissent is flagged, shunned, punished and eradicated.”

Witzke’s advice, through Malkin?