Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Allegedly Caught Kissing Married Woman: Report

A state trooper who had been assigned to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s detail told investigators that Cuomo and former top aide Melissa DeRosa were once observed “making out on the sidewalk like high schoolers,” according to a published report.

The allegation was contained in a transcript of the trooper’s interview that was part of the sexual harassment investigation into Cuomo. The transcript redacted names. The New York Post, however, citing sources it did not name, reported that the individual referred to in the transcript was DeRosa.

DeRosa, 39, was the top aide for Cuomo, 63. The Post noted that DeRosa is currently seeking to divorce her husband, Matt Wing. Cuomo resigned in August after 11 women filed allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

The trooper was asked if other troopers told her that had “observed anything between the Governor” and several staff members, according to the transcript.

“I had heard from [Senior Investigator #1] that he once witnessed the Governor and [Senior Staffer #1] like making out on the sidewalk like they were high schoolers,” the trooper answered.

“Again, he told me this. I didn’t witness this. I wasn’t even here at the time. But that’s what I had heard.”

The trooper was asked what else she had heard.

“I heard a rumor that before Senior Staffer #1 [redacted] that the Governor and her were in a hotel room by themselves for like an hour. And then one of the two left the room,” the transcript quotes the trooper as saying.

The trooper had another allegation to share from a man whose name is redacted.

“But he was driving once and saw [Senior Staffer #1] and the Governor like making out. He [Cuomo] was in the front seat. And [Senior Staffer #1] was like sitting on the console kissing him,” the trooper said.

“I think everyone kind of like assumes or thinks that there’s something going on between them,” the trooper added, according to the Post.

Earlier in her interview, the trooper also noted that “during COVID, [Senior Staffer #1] and [Senior Staffer #2] were basically living at the mansion.” The Post did not identify “Senior Staffer #2.”

She indicated that the women lived at the mansion from March 2020 until October 2020.

“So it was kind of like, I think they were worried that people were going to start documenting or noticing who’s coming in and out. If they’re not leaving, you know, they’re sleeping there.”

“Again, could they had had their own bedrooms? Of course. But no one knows what’s going on behind closed doors,” she said. “I know that they would be up at the pool house in bikinis and bathing suits. I don’t really know anyone who stays at their boss’ house like that.”

DeRosa said she was the victim of extortion and denied the allegation.


During Cuomo’s questioning, the transcript showed that he was asked whether a kiss on the lips ever happened with Senior Staffer #1.

“It may have,” Cuomo said.

“I don’t recall doing it, having a kiss on the lips with her.”

In explaining his answer, Cuomo said, “Mostly there are different events. You know, I was at her wedding. So sometimes there’s different social functions. But I don’t remember that, no.”

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi threw dirt on Attorney General Letitia James for making the transcripts public.

“The fact that Tish James included these completely false bottom-of-the-barrel rumors in her selectively released, partially redacted transcripts says more about her character and motivations than anything else,” he said.

Via        The Western Journal