Former AG Bill Barr Reveals He’s Seen the Footage from Epstein’s Final Moments in Prison

Did former Attorney General William Barr just settle questions surrounding notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious prison cell death once and for all?

You’ll have to decide for yourself, but it seems clear based on his forthcoming memoir, set to be released March 8, that he thinks the case that Epstein indeed hung himself is certainly settled.

Barr, who served as Attorney General under President Donald Trump when Epstein was said to have killed himself in his Manhattan prison cell awaiting trial on charges of child sex trafficking in 2019, reveals in his book “One Damn Thing After Another” that he “personally reviewed” security footage which proved, contrary to conspiracy theory, that the financier took his own life.

Epstein was the subject of conspiracy theories for years before his high-profile death due to his close ties to the likes of former President Bill Clinton and the United Kingdom’s Prince Andrew.

A previously convicted child sex offender, it was an open secret that he preferred the company of underage girls, whom, it has long been strongly suspected, he provided to his rich and powerful friends for their deviant pleasure along with his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted in December of grooming young women for Epstein to sexually abuse.

When Epstein was finally arrested in 2019, a vocal, bipartisan contingent of netizens eagerly awaited his trial, the details of which they hoped would reveal Epstein’s and Maxwell’s “clients.” His alleged victims, of course, were eagerly awaiting justice, but they were robbed of that when he was found dead in his cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center, hanged by his bedsheet, never to stand trial.

In a time of heightened cultural division in our country, it seemed there was one unifying response to his sudden death: the belief that (say it with me now) Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Those on the left hoped he would have exposed then-President Donald Trump, with whom he had previously briefly rubbed elbows as well. Those on the right hoped his trial would reveal a Deep State sex trafficking ring in which he had long been suspected of playing a major role.

Whatever the case may be, considering his high-up connections and his ability to potentially expose damaging information on some very powerful people — including a political family whose friends seem to commit suicide at a suspiciously frequent rate — it was widely believed that Epstein’s death was not suicide, but foul play.

But to this claim Barr, in his memoir, cries foul.

“The New York City medical examiner had conducted an autopsy and ruled that Epstein killed himself by hanging,” Barr reportedly writes in the book, as Fox News reported. “Other evidence also pointed to suicide, but it was the video evidence that confirmed the medical examiner’s finding.”

“I personally reviewed that video footage,” he reveals. “It shows conclusively that between the time Epstein was locked in his cell at 7:49 p.m. on the night of August 9 and the time he was discovered the next morning at 6:30 a.m., no one entered his tier.”

The former attorney general instead credits a “perfect storm of failures” that enabled Epstein to take his own life, which he acknowledges “understandably led people to suspect the worst.”

Indeed, there were a suspicious number of failures leading up to Epstein’s death.

For one, despite being on suicide watch, Epstein’s cellmate had been transferred out shortly beforehand and not yet replaced.

Then there are the egregiously irresponsible guards tasked with checking up regularly on Epstein — which they did not do, and rather spent the evening napping and shopping online.

The guards admitted to falsifying records to cover up for their gross neglect, but charges against them were dropped after they complied with a deferred prosecution agreement during which they agreed to cooperate with the investigation into Epstein’s death.

Then there was the issue of the security camera footage itself — which was reported to have mysteriously vanished in 2019.

And while we can certainly take this with a massive grain of salt, there’s also the fact that Epstein said while in prison that he wasn’t suicidal, which of course could easily be interpreted to mean he was trying to get himself off suicide watch so he could get away with killing himself after all, or, alternately, that he did indeed have no intention of killing himself.

Barr does note that “it was no consolation to me that an odious criminal was dead. He should have been given a fair trial and, if found guilty, made to answer for his crimes. That he was not is deeply disappointing to me.”

Whatever the case may be, that is undoubtedly the truth.

If we can take Barr’s word as fact and the security footage he personally reviewed as completely authentic — which many might consider completely believable on both counts — then it’s difficult to believe that anyone other than Epstein played a role in his untimely death.

But thanks to what Barr aptly described as a “perfect storm” of screw-ups that led to the notorious, well-connected sex offender’s demise, it’s hard to believe theories that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself are likely to abate anytime soon.

Via         The Western Journal.