Elon Musk Takes Direct Shot at Elizabeth Warren After She Issues Warning to Tesla Board

Radical leftists continue their unhinged and deranged campaigns against Tesla CEO Elon Musk following his purchase of Twitter.

Musk has broken the complete stranglehold that Big Tech executives held to silence conservatives in the social media space.

The billionaire has lifted the platform’s bans on influential conservative voices such as Jordan Peterson and the popular Christian satirical news site The Babylon Bee, just two examples of accounts that fell prey to pre-Musk Twitter’s abuses.

Leftists appear to resent their loss of this influential platform so bitterly that Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has taken it upon herself to attack Musk’s position at Tesla.

According to CNBC, the failed 2020 presidential candidate wrote to the chairwoman of Tesla’s board, Robyn Denholm, on Sunday to suggest Musk might have violated his legal responsibilities to the electric car maker since his purchase of Twitter and the board should rein him in.

″[E]very Board of Directors of a company with multiple shareholders – especially publicly traded companies – is responsible for ensuring that a controlling shareholder (especially one who is also a Chief Executive Officer, or CEO) does not treat the company as a private plaything,” Warren wrote in the letter, according to the report.

Apparently, Twitter was not a “private plaything” in Warren’s eyes when people like former CEO Jack Dorsey and former chief legal officer Vijaya Gadde permanently suspended the sitting president of the United States, Donald Trump, and suppressed reports about Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop preceding the 2020 election.

Warren also said Musk’s Twitter acquisition “raised questions about possible violations of securities or other laws, including whether Mr. Musk is funneling Tesla resources into Twitter, a potentially ‘improper diversion of resources that might impact Tesla’s sales and earnings’ and could result in ‘delays in programs at Tesla,’” CNBC reported.

The left-wing senator also heavily implied an unsupported “direct link” between his purchase of the social media platform and the recent dip in Tesla’s stock price in an attempt to feign concern that he might be harming Tesla and its shareholders.

Musk was not shy in his rebuttal to Warren on Twitter.

“The United States has definitely been harmed by having her as a senator lol,” he said.

Warren also claimed that Musk’s ownership of the social media platform creates “unavoidable conflicts of interest.”

This is not the first time the senator has attempted to leverage this tactic against someone on the other side of the political aisle.

In 2017, Warren spearheaded the “Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act,” a ridiculous attempt to require then-President Donald Trump to “divest his business holdings in order to avoid conflicts of interest while serving in the White House, according to HuffPost.

The bill was introduced again in 2019, but it never went anywhere.

Speaking of conflicts, Warren was all too happy to accept lobbyist money for her Senate campaigns, but she changed her tune when she ran for president.

According to CNBC, she abruptly opposed the practice in 2019 — but funneled $10.4 million from her Senate political committee to her White House bid.

Warren should be the last person to accuse Musk of conflicts and malfeasance.

Let’s pray the attacks from censorship-minded leftists will only strengthen Musk’s resolve to defend free speech on his social media platform.

Via The Western Journal