Elon Musk: It’s strange the Biden border crisis receives “very little attention in the media”

Yes, it is strange, Elon. There is only one cable news network that covers the Biden border crisis on a day-to-day basis and that is Fox News Channel (FNC). A viewer can watch CNN and MSNBC all day long and never once hear any mention of the humanitarian crisis, much less live coverage of the illegal migrants wading across the Rio Grande River or walking across the terrain.

There is one reporter who has covered the Biden border crisis for FNC for over a year and a half. Bill Melugin shows it all, from migrants being rescued from the river to buses driving the migrants to cities away from the border by DHS to ease the overcrowding of shelters. Melugin’s Twitter bio states that he is a national correspondent for FNC based in L.A. He is a four-time EMMY winner, a three-time Edward R. Murrow winner, and a four-time RTNA Golden Mike winner.

On Sunday, Melugin was doing what he does – he reports about the activity on the border and often posts videos on his Twitter account to accompany some of the facts he delivers. One thread caught the attention of Elon Musk. He questioned Melugin’s number for just one sector of the border. Then, after confirmation from Melugin, he remarked that it is “strange that this receives very little attention in the media.”

If we had a professional media in this country, every outlet would cover the southern border, at least on a somewhat regular basis. Instead, the media ignores it until something is turned into a big headline-grabbing story, like the manufactured story of Whipgate. A manufactured narrative was developed on Twitter by a Democrat activist about mounted Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian migrants coming across the Rio Grande River by the thousands. The Democrat activist insisted that the agents were whipping them with the horse reins. It was a lie all along but the media ran with it and Democrat officials quickly jumped on the bandwagon to call for prosecution of the agents, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I will say that originally, DHS Secretary Mayorkas resisted blaming the agents and actually called for the facts to come out first, but then he quickly backtracked and spewed the administration’s false charges against them. Mayorkas is just a yes man for Biden. He threw the Border Patrol agents under the bus though he knew it was wrong.

The media doesn’t cover the Southern border because it makes the Biden administration look bad. It is visual proof that Joe Biden’s policies don’t work. It also shows Biden’s utter lack of concern about national security. His top job priority is to keep the homeland safe. He fails every single day. It is, in fact, a dereliction of duty for which he should be removed from office. But, the press will do what it can to cover for President Norms and pretend nothing is going on.

Just today, one show on FNC reported that in an interview with Rep. Tony Gonzales, (R-TX), Gonzales talked about returning from a visit to the Northern Triangle. Those are the countries (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) that supposedly the border czar, Kamala Harris, is working with on “root causes” of illegal migration. She sure isn’t touring the border to have a first-hand look at the humanitarian crisis the administration has created. But, it turns out, she isn’t even speaking with the leaders of Northern Triangle countries. Gonzales said he asked the president of Guatemala and Honduras what it will take for them to accept more migrants back into their countries. Both said the same thing to him – a phone call from Joe Biden. The presidents haven’t even received a phone call from Biden (or Harris). Like I said, it’s a dereliction of duty.

We all know what dealing with root causes mean in third world countries means. It means they want money to do the right thing. American taxpayers have sent millions of dollars in incentives to Northern Triangle countries in past years and administrations. Call it foreign aid or whatever you want to call it. Yet, here we are. They are only taking some of their citizens back when they are expelled from the U.S. and their hands are out again. Nothing changes. Biden’s bone-headed executive actions that canceled Trump’s border policies and agreements with Mexico created the Biden border crisis. It is both a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis.

Joe Biden has never been to the border in all his decades of serving in elected office. Kamala came one time, but only briefly to El Paso and didn’t see the actual border. I would love for either of our Republican senators or Rep. Gonzales – maybe even Rep. Mayra Flores, whose husband is a Border Patrol agent – to invite Elon Musk to come to the border and take a tour of the situation along the Rio Grande River. That just might create some media buzz, however briefly.

Via              Hot Air


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