Drone Footage: Outgunned Ukrainian Tank Takes On Entire Russian Armored Column

Drone footage from Ukrainian combatants reveals a Ukrainian T-64 tank taking on an entire column of Russian armored vehicles.

The well-positioned tank executes an ambush on the Russian column, hiding itself in a secluded position and firing through a narrow angle at the enemy.

Russian vehicles fire wildly into the town as they take incoming fire, unable to locate the Ukrainian tank.

A platoon-sized group of Russian soldiers dismount from the vehicles and move down the road on foot at the 0:58 mark of the footage, the Ukrainian fire enough to coerce them out.

The drone footage captures Ukrainian artillery strikes on the column after the ambush.

The footage was recorded by the Carpathian Sich Battalion of Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Geolocation of the footage identified its setting as Novo Basan, a city in northern Ukraine liberated from Russian occupation late last month.

At least two Russian armored vehicles appear to have been destroyed in the ambush, in which the tank was supported by Ukrainian artillery fire. One can be seen taking a direct hit from a tank round in the drone footage.

The other vehicle may have been hit either by artillery fire or the tank ambush itself.

One of the destroyed vehicles is identifiable as an armored personnel carrier in close drone footage.

Russian forces have withdrawn from northern Ukraine en masse after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces proved unable to capture the capital of Kyiv.

A retired U.S. Army general pointed to the ambush footage as evidence of poor training on the part of the Russian military.

“Appears RU tanks firing wildly at no targets, UKR in very good hide positions with cover&concealment,” retired Gen. Mark Hertling wrote in a Twitter post. “Good kill zone.”

The Ukrainian T-64 tank in question is an ancient model, by armored standards, entering service in the Soviet Union in 1966.

Heavy losses of armored vehicles and tanks in Russia’s war have raised questions about their utility, but with proper tactics and concealment, it appears a single Ukrainian tank can inflict heavy damage on a far greater enemy.

Via           The Western Journal.