Democrats’ “Stimulus” Bill Gives $600 to Suffering Americans – But Sends More Than $2 Billion to Africa and Asia

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about middle class Americans who are suffering because of authoritarian Covid lockdown orders.

After months of stonewalling and playing politics, Pelosi finally agreed to a Covid relief bill that is expected to pass today.

Congress FINALLY agreed to hand out a $600 dollar check to every American after they ruined the economy and millions of lives.

The Covid stimulus bill is so big that it had to be wheeled across the halls of Congress.


Lawmakers aren’t even reading the bill before voting on nearly $1 trillion dollars of spending.

Americans are only getting $600 so where is the rest of the money going?

$135 million to Burma
$85.5 million to Cambodia
$1.4 billion for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”
$130 million to Nepal
$700 million to Sudan
$250 million in Palestinian aid
$25 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan.

Another $40 million was set aside for the Kennedy Center.

President Trump in October said he would sign a stand alone bill for $1200 stimulus checks but lawmakers refused to work with him and now we know why.

Via The Gateway Pundit