Democrat: Biden playing ‘shell game’ with kids to hide border crisis

The Biden administration boasted that a media presentation called “DHS Action on the Southwest Border Yields Results”
demonstrated progress in addressing the migrant surge at the border.

But it’s all just a “shell game,” charged a House Democrat from a border district.

Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas told NBC News anchor Lester Holt the administration is trying to deceive the American public by showing empty facilities.

“All they’re doing is moving kids from one tent to the other tent and saying, ‘Oh, they’re out of Border Patrol custody but they’re next door, next door in HHS,'” Cuellar said.

See Cuellar’s interview with NBC’s Lester Holt:

Fox News correspondent William La Jeunesse, noted HotAir blogger Ed Morrissey, reported “it’s true that the administration has dramatically reduced the amount of time that these unaccompanied minors are spending in border patrol processing, that does not mean there are fewer children entering illegally or that are in U.S. Custody.”

NBC News confirmed Cuellar’s assessment that while the images suggest the crisis is over, the children are merely being shuffled around the system. Migrant children are still showing up at the border in record numbers.

The number of unaccompanied migrant children in Border Patrol custody dropped to 749. But the number with HHS has soared to 21,848.

Morrissey noted that “most other media outlets aren’t terribly interested in this criticism from a prominent member of Biden’s own party.”

The Biden administration is proposing only long-term solutions.

Otherwise, the only response, Morrissey said, “has been to blame Donald Trump, whose policies had previously disincentivized such attempts, and to offer fake pictures to take the story out of the headlines.”

Fox News reported the Biden administration finally allowed reporters to tour the facility in Donna, Texas. However, cameras were not allowed inside the facility during a walk-through Thursday night.

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